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Social Media Maintenance
  • Social Media Maintenance

    **MUST agree to the terms of the social media maintenance contract**


    $150 per month for social media maintenance on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter.

    **Pinterest NOT available**

    - engagement with followers

    - monthly analytical report

    - social media strategy based on analytics and data

    - high performing #hashtags

    - UTM connections if applicable

    - suggested post/reels based on reporting data & trends

    - holiday and/or themed posts


    $75 for FACEBOOK business page setup only:
    - profile picture 

    - custom cover photo

    - description & details with trending captions alinged with SEO

    - add additional applicable links 

    - 2 custom graphics

    - photo gallery with captions

    - 1 gif or animated video (mp4)


    $75 for INSTAGRAM business page setup only:
    - profile picture 

    - custom highlight icons

    - description & details with trending captions alinged with SEO

    - 2 custom template graphics

    - IG static post grid layout


    You can purchase multiple months in advance not to exceed 6 months

    . If you would like to purchase more than 6months, please email


    What is included per month?

    - 3 to 5 posts per week

    - graphic content tailored to your needs and initiatives

    - detailed captions including researched trending hashtags

    - engagement with followers

    - encourage interaction

    - intentful posting with a focus on algorithms and sharing trends

    - a detailed report at the end of each 30 day cycle

    - recommendations for social media markering based on stats

    - analytics to drive decision making and grow social media audiences/followers

    - strategy development that's tailored to YOUR business needs


    Disclaimer: please read the terms of conditions and refund policy thoroughly.

    • Terms of Conditions

      Terms & Conditions

      You MUST sacknowledge the Social Media Maintenance agreement which is valid for any 30 day period you choose to receive service. The $75 fee is for 30 days at a time and you are NOT locked into an automatic withdrawal or contract, you can cancel anytime OR skip month(s) you do NOT need social media maintenance. 

      Be sure to have all pertinent info for content design ready for each month and commnicate any changes or edits to the calendar. 

      ALL payments MUST be submitted BEFORE any parts of the social media agreement are honored and maintenance/design work is performed. 

      Please note: It is the client(s) full responsibility to read the terms of agreement in the social media maintenance contract. It is also the responsibility of the client to create any social media pages and add the designer as admin. 



      Please note that a process & handling fee is added to ALL orders at checkout. NO shipping fees are charged on any item site wide.

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