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One Pager
  • One Pager

    A One Pager is a summatized written pitch of your business, brand, or company. This kind of summary details the core of your business:

    what you're offering

    how you're going about it

    why you stand out from the competition


    MJM makes sure your custom one pager is tightly packaged and expertly worded to fit on a single, sleek and captivating ONE PAGER!


    One pagers typically include:





    What can one pagers be used for?!
    - Business Pitches

    - Developer Presentations

    - Speaker Announcement

    - Course Description

    - Grant Submission

    - and so much more!



    **Client must provide pictures, logo, and contact info**

    Complete the MJM Design Request form. 

    • Terms & Conditions:

      Client must pay for all work up front by adding items to cart and checking out using one of our many payment options. If for any reason the client is NOT satisfied with the final design or design process, ONLY a portion of the total cost will be refunded MINUS the design fee. 

      Please note that a process & handling fee is added to ALL orders at checkout. NO shipping fees are charged on any item site wide.

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